Bieber Gives Back

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It may be annoying to keep hearing about him and the hair may too much for some. The truth remains, believe it or not, Justin Bieber is doing a lot of social good out there.

When he’s not clogging up Twitter’s servers, he leverages his success in a positive way by helping support several charity efforts. According to an article found here, Bieber is donating $1 for every ticket sold to his concerts to Pencils for Promise, an organization active in trying to build schools in third world countries. Almost all of his concerts are sold out, so this eventually turns into a significant amount of money.

In addition to concert ticket contributions, the Bieber is also donating money from every album he sells to the Children’s Miracle network. Not only is he getting in on the act but he’s leveraging his rabid fanbase to join him in supporting these causes.

Think what you want of the kid but there’s some good going on behind the hair. None of us have the celebrity power that he does. However, how are you using the influence and resources you have to drive social good? How are others you know?