Helping Hand Rewards Newsletter – November 2012

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Welcome to the November issue of the Helping Hand Rewards Newsletter

Our newsletter brings you the latest information from Helping Hand Rewards and our socially responsible partners.

This issue includes:

  • 2012 Motivation Show Highlights
  • Education Spotlight: Help Your Customers Get a Competitive Edge
  • New Partner Spotlight: Misericordia
  • Case Study: State University Alumni Association Giveaway 

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Winning Awards and Podcasting: HHR’s Week at the Motivation Show

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Building off of our success from last year and adding a couple of new partners along the way, Helping Hand Rewards had yet another great Motivation Show. This past summer we added Lambs Farm to the HHR product mix and they proved to be a fun addition to our booth line-up.

In regards to last year, we did more educating people about who we were and what we were all about. Apparently the word had spread and we talked with several people who were familiar with our organization and the social missions we strive to help accomplish. Thanks to a few other areas of recognition, we were able to steal the spotlight on a couple of extra occasions.

Of foremost importance was the recognition bestowed upon our founder Michael Arkes by the IMA Circle of Excellence. This year, Michael won the organization’s first annual award in Social Responsibility. Thanks to his efforts pioneering CSR in the incentives marketplace with Helping Hand Rewards, Michael was definitely a deserving candidate for this honor.

Our new friends @lambsfarm

In addition, HHR received some internet airtime. Thanks to the gracious invitation of Paul Hebert, the Managing Director of I2I, we were invited to speak on his Influence Insiders monthly podcast about our organization. A huge thanks goes out to Paul and his willingness to help spread our message and help further achieve our social mission goals. Check out the entirety of that podcast by clicking here. We come in around the six minute mark of the show.

All in all we had what should be described as a very successful week. What were some of your take-aways from this year’s Motivation Show?

Doing Good Is Good For Business – Motivation Show Seminar

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At this year’s Motivation Show, HHR Founder Michael Arkes will be giving a presentation about how doing good for others can be good for business. Along with him at the panel Michael will have several program participants from some of our partner social enterprises.

If you want to check out a panel on Wednesday afternoon, this will definitely be a good one. Hear some life changing stories and learn something while you’re there!

CSR at the Motivation Show

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With new partners and a few social media tricks up our sleeve, we’re getting excited about this year’s Motivation Show. Setting up shop at Booth #4503 this year will be a treat to anybody browsing through the show floor.

We will be featuring several of our social enterprise partners at our booth this year. New to the team is Lambs Farm, a social enterprise located in the Chicago suburbs bringing samples of cookies and other baked goods to the show. Our additional new partner is Nikaya Handcrafted who will have a few jewelry samples at our booth including their “community bracelet” – a bracelet made out of recycled bomb shell casings!

In addition to adding new friends to our old friends like Greyston Bakery, Bright Endeavors, Mary Fisher, Women’s Bean Project and Mercado Global, we will try and be active social media participants during the show. Adding to what Hinda Incentives said in their blog post, we will actively engage with others on the show through the #moti Twitter hashtag. If you’re watching afar from online, keep your eyes peeled at our YouTube channel for videos from the show including some potential Q&A with some of our partner groups.

Going to be at the show? Stop on by and say hello (or even check-in on Foursquare) to the most socially responsible booth in McCormick place (#4503). You may even get some free food samples while you’re there.

Social Responsibility at the Motivation Show

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A Snapshot of the Helping Hand Rewards Booth
A Snapshot of the Helping Hand Rewards Booth

To most attendees, the Motivation Show saw a decrease in attendance and overall size. For us at Helping Hand Rewards, it was quite the opposite.

The HHR booth at last year’s Motivation Show displayed six partners in a 40×10 space. However, this year’s show saw nine partners all having their own individual displays shared in a 60×10 booth space.

It’s safe to say that we’ve grown a bit in a year.

The show was more than just an excuse to taste test Greyston Bakery’s brownies, WHOWomen’s fruitcake, Divine Chocolate’s samples and Women’s Bean Project’s chocolate covered coffee beans. With a larger megaphone this year, we were able to meet several new people and talk with them about social responsibility in our industry. It was great seeing how several show participants knew of some of our partner organizations and had even done some sort of business with them. Many other people we spoke with were also engaged with other organizations outside of ours that also worked towards some sort of social purpose or socially responsible goal.IMG_0113

The show also provided a great opportunity for representatives from all of our partner organizations to connect personally. Many of us had only made contact via email or Twitter, so three days of interaction at the show and at the HHR dinner on Tuesday night gave us all a chance to connect, share ideas, and genuinely enjoy the week!

All nine of our partner organizations all have different social purposes and missions. They all seek to fill a need in whatever capacity they are able to reach. However, the main underlying goal with all of our partner organizations (and HHR of course) is to do business in such a way that makes our world a better place to live in by helping others.