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HHP is a pioneer and innovator in the promotional marketplace: Aligning clients’ marketing efforts with their CSR initiatives Lifestyle is a growth business, and the competition is growing. As a branding and marketing expert, promotional companies are seeing an increase in requests for products with purpose. Simply providing items made in other countries is not enough — businesses EXPECT HIGH, CONSISTENT QUALITY, functional products that can be proven to lift those who create them out of poverty. HHP delivers as promised, on time. Promotional products companies and their clients want to TRUST that the attention to detail and customer service will be as superior as the product they just ordered. That’s why they come to HHP, the pioneer and leader in sourcing products with purpose and an A+ rated supplier. 
Make a Choice that Makes a Difference.
Many of our artisan partners are from impoverished countries, or have other educational and environmental barriers to employment. By bringing their products to the forefront, and offering them to socially responsible shoppers, we are able to give them the opportunity and to build up their work, careers and even self-worth in ways they never dreamed possible.</p>
  • Customer appreciation gift
  • Trade show giveaway
  • Corporate gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • Donor appreciation gift
  • Incentive travel gift
  • Room gifts and welcome bags
  • Corporate meetings
  • Annual sales meeting
  • Special events
  • Golf tournaments
  • Branded solutions