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WORK+SHELTER (W+S) was founded by Theresa VanderMeer after traveling, working and making roots in India. Having worked with artisan groups across the country, she understood that economic empowerment is key to changing women’s lives for the better. She also noticed a gap in the market for a consistent fair trade supplier. In 2011, Theresa and her team established a small production unit on the outskirts of New Delhi to provide a source of income for local women who would otherwise not have jobs or be subject to unsafe working conditions. Since then, Theresa has built a local team in India as well as a global sales and operations group that helps to carry out the mission of W+S. W+S manages dozens of clients in 4 continents, and has provided more than 30 women a place of fair-wage employment. In addition to employment, W+S provides skills training, a savings program, and social services.