Participant Spotlight: Sherri Thornton, Women’s Bean Project

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Sometimes the past stays in the past – and sometimes it follows you. Sherri Thornton, a 2011 Women’s Bean Project graduate, knows that your past stays with you, but with hard work and perseverance one can achieve despite those setbacks.

Sherri moved to Colorado from Texas in 2009 in order to be close to family. She hoped to gain employment as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant as she had in her home state. However, she was unable to land a job because of felony records that were more than 20 years old. Sherri came to Women’s Bean Project in May of 2010 and quickly established herself as a hard worker and leader on the production floor. She worked tirelessly to re-establish herself and and set a goal to regain her CNA license in the state of Colorado. With the support of our generous donors, Women’s Bean Project was able to pay for Sherri to go to CNA school and gave her continuous employment while she worked toward this goal.

“Sherri has been a great example for other program participants. She has modeled our philosophy of doing anything we can to help women who are willing to help themselves,” says Bob Macdonald, Program Director.

Now, Sherri has set new goals for herself and her children. She wants to eventually open up a group home for people with disabilities, like her son Rashad. As for advice for new program participants, Sherri says, “If you have a positive outlook and do what you need to do to change your life, the Women’s Bean Project will help you achieve your goals.”


(Sherri’s story was originally told in the newsletter of the Women’s Bean Project, Beanstalk. Since 1989, the Women’s Bean Project has been helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. They are a nonprofit organization that teaches job readiness and life skills for entry-level jobs through employment in gourmet food production and handmade jewelry manufacturing businesses.)

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