Fashion Revolution Day: #INSIDEOUT

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Who Made Your ClothesIt’s not common to ask yourself, “Who made my clothes?” But it should be. We should more curious about how our clothes are made and who made them. Fashion is about relationships. Fashion Revolution Day is about reestablishing those broken relationships and the connections we’ve lost with the clothes that we wear; it’s about transparency in the fashion supply chain.

On April 24th, 2013, Rana Plaza, an eight-floor factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, collapsed killing 1133 people and injuring many more. It is considered be the deadliest garment-factory accident in history. Today, people are still suffering as a direct result of our fashion supply chain. Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.

The first ever FRD will take place on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster. “We’ll start by remembering its victims and raising awareness of the fashion industry’s biggest challenges. But because we want fashion to be a force for good, we’ll also be celebrating fashion and spreading excitement about the power it has to make big change happen fast.”

FRD’s founder, Fashion Revolution, asks you to show your support for better connections and transparency across the fashion supply chain by wearing an item of clothing inside out, photographing it and then sharing it with the hashtag #insideout. So tweet it, link it, like it, share it. Spread the word.  Let’s put an end to the era of disposability and celebrate the faces of our makers. Let’s turn fashion into a force for good.

Our sales and marketing coordinator, Diana, and graphic designer, Allyson, went #insideout for #FRD!



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