Does Sustainability Require the Green Police?

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Many corporations are taking the initiative to become more sustainable with their business practices. The commercial above illustrates an entire law enforcement agency making sure EVERYONE took sustainable living seriously. Is enforcement really necessary though?

With your efforts going towards being green or being more socially conscious as a business, your efforts should go more to rewarding those employees for positive steps in that direction, rather than punishment (as seen above). People respond better to positive reinforcement and will more likely change their behavior based on a positive reward stimulus than a negative one based on consequences.

Rewarding your employees with a socially responsible gift is also a good way to promote social responsibility within your organization. Using “green” products or products that help promote a social cause are great morale boosters for a job well done.

People are more motivated by positive enforcers rather than fear or punishment. How are you motivating your employees in your socially responsible edeavors?

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