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If any of you have seen any TV in the last month or so, you more than likely have seen ads featuring Disney’s new offer to boost volunteerism. If you give a day of service to any participating organizations, Disney will give you a free day at one of their parks. This is one pretty neat way the company is encouraging other people to get involved in helping others without just making a lump donation. The program engages people to pick which organization they want to volunteer with, since  people are more passionate about some causes over others.

Disney’s push for volunteerism will also potentially help create more consistency in giving back among those who may not do so on a regular basis. Seeing how many people will only do it just for the free pass, they will be exposed to a new experience and/or organization and could be more inclined to help them out in the future, without the free ticket incentive.

This is not only a win for volunteering, Disney will be able to put up a W for themselves before it’s all said and done. Corporate social responsibility nearly always improves a company’s image and increases the likelihood of the public wanting to do business with them. The image factor isn’t the only way Disney benefits. Admission prices are only a small part of revenue generated from park visits. Anybody who has been to a Disney park knows that the average person spends as much (if not more sometimes) on other things while in the park like dining and souvenirs. This will help the parks earn money from people they may not typically have revenue from.

Who says CSR doesn’t help the bottom line in the end? Genius idea on Disney’s part. What do you think?

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