Green Companies Celebrating Earth Day

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Today’s Earth Day sees it’s 40th annual celebration. Like most other years there will be the usual fanfare of festivals, tree planting and people walking or biking to work. In the name of corporate social responsibility, several larger corporations will be doing their part promoting green and environmentally sustainable practices and/or promotions.

Citibank, a company with one of the largest loyalty programs in the world, is celebrating Earth Day by sponsoring a program called “Playlist for Earth.” Thank You Network members are able to submit music playlists that celebrate Earth Day, playlists that express through music what Earth Day means to them. Citi will post playlists through April 30th with a description of how these lists remind the users about Earth Day. Citi will give Thank You Network members environmentally friendly redemption options and the ability to earn extra points shopping for other eco-friendly products.

One company in particular is encouraging other companies to let their employees all stay home and work for Earth Day. Paltalk, a real-time video community, is suggesting that employees staying home will do a lot in reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Without using gas to drive the cars and energy to light up and power the offices, it’s not a far-fetched suggestion. Paltalk suggests using SuperIMs and URLs to help employees stay connected throughout that work day.

What other companies do you see celebrating Earth Day today?